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To The Letter is ...

a web and print “beautification” service. As virtual assistants, we make you look good – on paper and or online. We've been providing support to small and large businesses, students, and professionals since 1988.

Redesign your existing site or start from scratch ... either way we'll create a sleek, easy- to- navigate site that meets your needs. Documents formatted for printing from PDF, such as handbooks, e-books, presentations, theses, and full length book manuscripts. Expert knowledge of all major PC applications including MS Office, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash, and WordPerfect.
“Shelley is my MSWord/Windows guru. I mean that. Guru. I light incense in front of a picture of her that I have propped in a corner... I call Shelley. She steps in. Calms my often verging-on-panic clients. Resolves the issue quickly. Makes me look like a star for having her expertise at my fingertips. I love it. Really I do. I must go burn some incense now.” -- Rachel in Vancouver


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