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This issue of the To The Letter email update contains:
1. Very small vacation
2. E-bulletin: Why doesn't MS Word do what I want it to do?
3. Cookies ... and how you can get yours ... cartoon contest

Very small vacation

The office will be closed from Thursday, August 31st to Sunday, September 10th (inclusive). Joanne will be covering for Hotz and Nicholson in my absence, and she will be dealing with other bits and pieces while I'm gone (including Starfield and Merry Widow).

As I will not be travelling with a laptop, I will be unable to access email or retrieve voice mail while on vacation ... I'll be sun tanning in Washington State by day, and listening to Dave Matthews play live at the Gorge Amphitheatre by night. No, it's not our honeymoon, but it'll be darn close :)

I will return to work bright and early Monday, September 11th, at 9 am (Pacific time).

E-bulletin: Why doesn't MS Word do what I want it to do?

In case you've missed it ... and really, you don't want to miss it ... the first two issues of "Why doesn't MS Word do what I want it to do?" have already gone out. There's no way to get them unless you're subscribed.

About every three weeks you’ll receive a new installment of this great e-bulletin, with lessons and tips on how to make MS Word more user-friendly. I’ll take a confusing topic and make it straightforward for you.

You're not subscribed? You should be. Here are the topics you can look forward to:

  • Lesson 1. Setting your default font
  • Lesson 2. Setting your default margins, page size, page orientation (portrait or landscape)
  • Lesson 3. Setting the default language (US English, etc.) and the hyphenation feature explained
  • Lesson 4. Turn off the most irritating “help” features of MS Word. Do the helpful paperclip or the searching dog making you crazy?
  • Lesson 5. Toolbars – customizing (Part 1)
  • Lesson 6. Toolbars – creating and deleting (Part 2)
  • Lesson 7. Using the Autocorrect feature to create shortcuts when you’re typing
  • Lesson 8. Changing the startup directory (where your files are stored) and how often files are automatically saved for you
  • Lesson 9. Turn off automatic capitalization, turn off capital corrections, turn off hyperlinks, turn on automatic fractions, turn on long dashes
  • Lesson 10. Returning Word to the default settings

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Here’s a sample from the first e-bulletiN, Lesson 1: Default Settings:

Page 5

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This month, a dozen cappuccino shortbreads are destined for Sabrina in Ontario. She provided me with the most fascinating transcription project I've ever had, perhaps in my entire 18 year career of doing this job. Now that her project is finished, and all 40 hours of tape have been transcribed, it feels strange to me that it's all over. I'll never "hear" those people talking again!

Yes, but I know what you really want to know. How can you earn cookies? I send out a dozen orange gingersnaps or cappuccino shortbreads every month to the client that has brought in the biggest project, or who has otherwise been hilarious or helpful.

For September, I'm having a contest where I'll send a dozen cookies to the person who sends me the best cartoon about technology and/or frustration with computers. Email me the cartoon, send me a link, fax me, or put it in the mail. Just get me something by September 15, 2006.

I'll use the best cartoon in my September newsletter, and best of all, the winner will get yummy cookies. Here's what Trevor had to say about the cookies he received:

Have a fabulous and safe end-of-summer, and I'll check back with you in September.

All the best,

Shelley MacDonald, Owner/Manager
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