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Springtime in Paris . Cooking website reaches 200  

Springtime in Paris

Near Eiffel Tower, inside our café for lunch; nice yellow walls,
but I had the single worst hamburger of my entire life here (Nov/05)

I will be away from my desk from Monday, March 5th to Tuesday, March 13th inclusive. Joanne will be covering for Hotz and Nicholson in my absence, and she will be dealing with other bits and pieces while I'm gone. Please use the efax rather than the landline fax while I'm away (604-608-3429).

I will be in Paris and Brussels enjoying two small-venue, acoustic, Dave Matthews concerts... and also the weather is reportedly better in Paris in early March than it is here (+15C versus -14C in Montreal).

As I will be travelling with a laptop, I will be working ONE HOUR A DAY on emergent issues, including coordinating incoming work with the part-time staff. I will return to work bright and early Wednesday, March 14th at 9 am (Pacific time).

New cooking website has over 200 subscribers

For the past few months I've been working on a new adventure in cooking, writing, teaching, and photography, and have launched a new website called "One Roast Chicken: Changing the world one roast chicken at a time." appeals to beginners who can't boil water, basic cooks who are looking to branch out and refine their current recipes, and to experienced cooks who love reading about what other people are cooking and who can never buy enough cooking magazines or read enough cooking blogs. If you want to know what I'm cooking and writing about this week, click here to sign up at the new food site ... and bon appetit!

All best wishes,

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