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The winner of the testimonial search is finished!

Rachel won herself two dozen, homemade by Shelley, cappuccino shortbread cookies by submitting the winning testimonial. Her lovely text is now in place on the front page of my website (

Here's what she had to say:

“Shelley is my MSWord/Windows guru. I mean that. Guru. I light incense in front of a picture of her that I have propped in a corner... I call Shelley. She steps in. Calms my often verging-on-panic clients. Resolves the issue quickly. Makes me look like a star for having her expertise at my fingertips. I love it. Really I do. I must go burn some incense now.” -- Rachel in Vancouver

I received lots of submissions for this contest, including these glowing honourable mentions:

Thank you for saving my life and sanity.  In the spring of 1999 I was working very long days as I juggled getting care for my elderly mother after her stroke, clearing and selling her house, teaching, and preparing for my PhD oral exam.  My UBC advisor said call Shelley to format the dissertation.  Your quick, efficient service helped speed me through the dissertation and the exam.  The rest of the story is that I had time to spend with my family that summer going through my mother's house.  In the sewing room we found her secret stash of Christmas liquor, including a large bottle of Napoleon brandy.  I took it home and had a little glass of it every night.  Thank you.” -- Wishes to remain anonymous

You've saved my life in relation to deadlines, quick turn-arounds, getting things to the right people in the right format, and generally delivering the goods that I would be hard-put to single out a one-time, special, standout instance.” -- Allan

When I first met you ... I knew that you were a person of spirit. I went to your website and signed up for your newsletter after our first meeting. The information gleaned tweaked my written communications for my clients, and improved my customer services skills tenfold. I was at your office to provide a service for you, and you have returned much more to me with your keen insight and cleverness. Bless you Shelley for teaching me!” -- Cori


New cooking website

For the past few months I've been working on a new adventure in cooking, writing, teaching, and photography, and have launched a new website called "One Roast Chicken: Changing the world one roast chicken at a time." will appeal to beginners who can't boil water, basic cooks who are looking to branch out and refine their current recipes, and to experienced cooks who love reading about what other people are cooking and who can never buy enough cooking magazines or read enough cooking blogs. If you want to know what I'm cooking and writing about this week, click here to sign up at the new food site ... and bon appetit!

All best wishes,

Shelley MacDonald Beaulieu, Owner/Manager
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