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This issue of the To The Letter email update contains:
1. Links to Vancouver and Lobster Chowder Photos
2. E-bulletin: Why doesn't MS Word do what I want it to do?
3. Cookies ... and how you can get yours

Trip to Vancouver (2006) and Lobster Chowder Photos

I’ve put up the pictures from my trip to Vancouver, including pictures of the Lobster Chowder Party. To view the pictures, click here.

A special thanks to Allan and Ann for offering their home for this year’s event. It takes pretty generous people to let me cook all afternoon in their kitchen, and then have a great bunch of people parade into their house … all the while eating, drinking, and being merry.

Here are some of the comments I received in my inbox in the days following Lobster Chowder:

“A great big thank you for a wonderful meal and great company. Your guests are so wonderful to meet, coming from every interest and accomplishment. Just a real treat to mix and mingle and of course munch. The lobster chowder was just terrific.”

“Did I tell you yet that grape cake and chowder were scrumptious? Well, they were.”

And from the hosts: “ We were glad to be involved; I enjoyed the chance to see people I'd met before, Ann had the pleasure of seeing all kinds of new people, it was a special treat to meet André, and we're still enjoying the frozen chowder you left.”

Thanks to Nancy for supplies and the giant pot. Thanks to Rachel for chopping help and great knives. Morag provided a big pot, also, and cleaning supplies. Also, a very special thanks goes out to Shauna & Asim, and Uncle Don, who provided us with places to stay.


Why doesn’t MS Word do what I want it to do?

I’ve been working with lots of different software packages for many years, but there’s something special about MS Word that makes people very cranky.

Gone are the days of WordPerfect’s “Reveal Codes,” where you could look under the hood and tell exactly what was going on in your documents.

MS Word is like a great car: you have to learn how to drive it, and you have to use it for what it was intended. You wouldn’t take your car in the ocean, and you wouldn’t use MS Word to perform a lot of math calculations.

But for office documents, reports, letters, and just about all of the regular stuff we do every day, MS Word is just perfect. Except when it isn’t.

This month launches a new e-bulletin, “Why doesn’t MS Word do what I want it to do?”

About every three weeks you’ll receive a new installment, instructions you can use to make MS Word more understandable. I’ll take something confusing and make it straight forward for you.

Topics will include how to change your default font, making bullets work, how to customize your toolbars, and more. “Chapter 1: Default Settings” has 10 separate e-bulletins ... from buttons ... to bars ... to fonts ... to spelling.

If you’d like to subscribe to this new e-bulletin,
“Why doesn’t MS Word do what I want it to do?”
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Here’s a sample of this month’s e-bulletin:

Chapter 1. Default Settings > When things in MS Word don’t work the way you really want them to, it’s often because of the software’s default settings. Imagine that this software is designed by programmers. They’re not like us, they don’t use the software every day... read more

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One dozen cappuccino shortbreads have left my office today headed for Sandro. He single-handedly referred his entire class to me last semester when it came time for thesis formatting.

How can you earn cookies? I send out a dozen orange gingersnaps or cappuccino shortbreads each month to the client that has referred the most work, brought in the biggest project, or who has otherwise been hilarious or helpful. Maybe next month it’ll be you!

New Rates

As July 1st marked the 11th anniversary of when I purchased To The Letter, it also marks the date when I usually make very small adjustments to my rates. These new rates have been posted to the website here.

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