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winner of the technology cartoon cookie contest for september 06

Who won the cookies?

Each month, I give out a dozen orange gingersnaps or cappuccino shortbread cookies to one of my clients. Sometimes they go to someone who has referred the most new work that month. Other times I send out cookies to the client who has been either very hilarious, very helpful, or both!

For September, we had a contest. Your job was to sent me a cartoon about technology and/or frustration with computers. The winning cartoon is above, submitted by Karen in Vancouver. When her cookies arrived, she told me that she only shared one single biscuit with her daughter, claiming that she had worked very hard to earn them and that they really couldn't be shared.

Then in October, Bill won the cookies by being incredibly super helpful with some random poetry questions. He went well beyond the call of duty, writing detailed emails long after office hours, sharing his literary expertise with me (and my dad) as we tried to make sense of Margaret Atwood. Thanks to Bill for being a genius.

And November? Will it be you?

I need to update the front page of my website with a killer testimonial. I need a little comment from you, something funny, something that makes me look good, where you tell a little story of how To The Letter (TTL) once saved your life. Don't make it too formal ... "Dear Ms. MacDonald, thank you for your..."

I want something brief and entertaining. Do you have a short story of how TTL (or Shelley) saved your life? Hit REPLY to this email update, and send me your blurb.

The prize will be huge. Because I'm asking you to do a little work, the reward will be TWO DOZEN cookies - your choice of flavours - you can have twice as much of one, or some of both. You can have two boxes prepared and send one to your neighbour. You can have one giant box prepared and eat them all yourself, giving only one morsel to your daughter. It's up to you.

To win cookies for November, hit REPLY to this email, send me a brief little story of how TTL saved your life. Or how we continue to save your life. Include your mailing address, and choice of cookies.

The winner will receive two dozen cookies by overnight delivery, their blurb will go up on the front page of my website (without your last name, or it can be anonymous if you like), and I'll share the blurb with all of you in next month's email update. Deadline is November 15, 2006, so you should do it right now so you don't forget.

Are you ready to win cookies? Tell me a story. Hit REPLY now.

All best wishes,

Shelley MacDonald Beaulieu, Owner/Manager
To The Letter Word Processing Inc.

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