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Welcome to autumn. It's grey and dark in Montreal today, but still warm. This past weekend we were able to sit outside on a restaurant patio, sipping beer, reading magazines ... but I know those summery sunny days are numbered.

And yet, September seems like a time of new beginnings and new projects. As the days get shorter, we tend to stay inside more, gathered around the table doing homework and working on projects. It seems like the perfect time to take a class or learn something new. Keep reading below to see how you can subscribe to the MS Word e-bulletin "Why doesn't MS Word do what I want it do to?"

What I did on my summer holidays

At the end of August we went to see a really fabulous concert at the Gorge in Washington state, spent two nights with the Dave Matthews, and already have plans to go back next year. It was truly amazing to be outside with 20,000 fans in that spectacular place. The vacation also included time in Seattle and a couple of days in Vancouver.

OK, I confess. Also, on my summer vacation, I got married -- or more exactly -- we eloped. Skipped the wedding, passed on the trip to Italy. Instead, we got married at Deep Cove, with two witnesses, and $37 worth of flowers. Our wedding cake was frozen Milky Way bars and hand-picked blackberries. I have a long-winded version of the story if you're interested. And pictures.

But the short story is that I will be changing my name, in as much as I can do that being a girl who now lives in Quebec. I will be going by Shelley MacDonald Beaulieu (except for in Quebec, where I'm not allowed to change my name, by law, so some of my legal stuff like my driver's license will be in my "maiden" name...). I'll also give lessons on how to pronounce Beaulieu, and my step-mother has already conveniently provided me with a phonetic pronunciation link 'cause apparently there's a carpet company in the States with the same name, and no one can pronounce their company name either. That link is here.


Contest deadline extended to September 30th, 2006. How can you earn cookies? I send out a dozen orange gingersnaps or cappuccino shortbreads every month to the client that has brought in the biggest project, or who has otherwise been hilarious or helpful.

For September, I'm having a contest where I'll send a dozen cookies to the person who sends me the best cartoon about technology and/or frustration with computers. Email me the cartoon, send me a link, fax me, or put it in the mail. Just get me something by September 30, 2006.

I'll use the best cartoon in my next newsletter, and best of all, the winner will get yummy cookies.

E-bulletin: Why doesn't MS Word do what I want it to do?

About two months ago, I launched an e-bulletin called "Why doesn't MS Word do what I want it to do?" and feedback has been fabulous. The number of people subscribed to this free 10-part email course on how to navigate your MS Word default settings has nearly doubled in size already. Managers are forwarding the e-bulletin to their staff. Daughters are sending it to their moms.

And I keep getting great emails like this one ...

[Did you learn something new?] "Absolutely. Although I have been using a computer to do my business accounting, e-mails and word processing, I never really learned how to do it properly. It always seemed so technical and you have broken through my mental block! Thank you."

or this one ...

[Did you learn something new?] "Yes. How to set defaults and not chicken out when I see the Scary warning! ... I am looking forward to the next [lessons]."

If you're not subscribed? You should be. We're going to cover toolbars in Lesson 5 and how MS Word autosaves your documents (or doesn't!) in Lesson 8. To see the complete list of topics covered, click here.

If you’d like to subscribe to this e-bulletin,
“Why doesn’t MS Word do what I want it to do?”
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To see a sample from the first e-bulletin, Lesson 1 ... click here.

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