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Flash slide shows

A Flash slide show is like having an animated PowerPoint slide show on your website. Images can move and blend together, fade in and out, slide, get brighter or softer.

Flash can be used in lots of great ways. You can instruct. You can give a demonstration. You can take our clients on a tour. You can add sound.

Some ideas for you include:

  • Here's what you can expect from our health centre.
  • The Top 10 reasons you need to buy this fitness book.
  • When you come to see the dentist ...
  • Teachers will love this new product because ...

To receive a quote...

To receive a quote for your next Flash slide show project, call Shelley at 604-738-5640 or toll free at 1-877-700-5640.

To see samples of other Flash projects, go to our portfolio.

Can't see the picture above? Download the Flash player here.
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