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Trip to Vancouver, 2005

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Lyanne at Kinos.jpg

Jane at Kinos.jpg

Mug shot at Kinos 1.jpg


Flamenco dancing at Kino.jpg

Maddy certainly likes her bath.jpg


Laura Lee.jpg


Miss Alexandra.jpg

Flowers on West 17th.jpg

Dex 1.jpg

Dex 2.jpg

AnneMarie on the patio at Tangerine.jpg

Kits Beach.jpg

Dinner at Morag & J's.jpg

Lobster - Rod, the sous chef.jpg

Lobster - wowie, yummy grape cake.jpg

Lobster - Dean enjoying the perfect chair.jpg

Lobster - Rod, Dale & Rene from VRC.jpg

Lobster - Andrew & Allan.jpg

Lobster - Anne & Glenna.jpg

Lobster - Rod's handiwork on the display.jpg

Lobster - Steve.jpg

Lobster - view from Teri's patio.jpg

Lobster - Patsy from Geodrafting enjoying some of George's garlic bread.jpg

Lobster - one half of the "Montreal" contingent.jpg

Lobster - enjoying a snack outside.jpg

Lobster - what's with the face.jpg

Lobster - on the patio with Brenda and her beau.jpg

Lobster - Rachel, Shelley & Esther.jpg

Lobster - the hostess, Teri.jpg

Lobster - Stephenie.jpg

Lobster - Shelley & Stephenie.jpg

Shelley at Sunset Beach.jpg

Dean at Sunset Beach.jpg

Hilarious chicks on the beach.jpg

Inukshuk with beach behind.jpg

Burrard Bridge.jpg

Inukshuk with city in background.jpg

Flowers at Sunset Beach.jpg

Kathleen & Stu toasting May 5.jpg

Kathleen spins the Corona wheel.jpg

UBC Golf Course 2.jpg

UBC Golf Course.jpg

Farley at UBC.jpg

Libby on a walk at UBC.jpg

Jericho Beach ... some more.jpg

Kissing at Jericho Beach.jpg

And here's Morag.jpg

View @ Jericho Beach, while drinking beer with Morag.jpg

Victoria (view from Dallas Road).jpg

Victoria (2).jpg

Victoria (3).jpg

Victoria (4) with Chris.jpg

Victoria (5).jpg

Emma (Miss Mouse).jpg

Sophie (Baby Mouse).jpg

Bruno (Mr. Green Eyes).jpg


Markus cooks up a storm.jpg

The Koloskas for Mother's Day.jpg

Mother's Day flowers picked from the garden.jpg

Shelley, Emma, Bruno & Sophie in the backyard.jpg

Sophie 1.jpg

VRC boathouse.jpg

VRC boats 2.jpg

VRC boats 1.jpg

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