Paris - November 2005

IMG_0827_1_1.jpg (414kb)

day 1, just when we got off the metro, there was this fabulous water fountain

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from the top of the Arc de Triomphe, looking down the stairwell

IMG_0862_3_1.jpg (590kb)

view from the top of the Arc

img_0868_51.JPG (385kb)

Shelley at the top of the Arc

IMG_0868_5_1.jpg (290kb)

André from the top of the Arc

IMG_0869_4_1.jpg (443kb)

looking back down on the Champs-Élysées

IMG_0895_6_1.jpg (245kb)

our first of several trips to the Eiffel Tower (André)

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the smiling couple

IMG_0906_7_1.jpg (382kb)

there's this spooky merry-go-round near the Tower

IMG_0911_8_1.jpg (881kb)

spooky merry-go-round continued

IMG_0914_14_1.jpg (690kb)

this is self-explanatory

IMG_0918_9_1.jpg (860kb)

view from inside our café for lunch; the yellow is nice but i had the single worst hamburger of my entire life here

IMG_0927_10_1.jpg (735kb)

lovely view from between two buildings

img_0927_11.JPG (476kb)

this is inside the Concorde Metro station (these wall tiles actually spell something, it's poetry)

img_0927_12.JPG (476kb)

gear on the street outside after the a-ha concert (our main reason for being in Paris in the first place)

IMG_0932_13_1.jpg (651kb)

cool little side streets near Notre Dame

IMG_0933_12_1.jpg (789kb)

all this food is fresh

IMG_0934_11_1.jpg (759kb)

lots of ethnic restos in this area

IMG_0940_16_1.jpg (393kb)

how can you say no to Tart?

img_0940_17.JPG (476kb)

taking a picture of taking a picture of ...

IMG_0942_15_1.jpg (439kb) IMG_0953_17_1.jpg (403kb)

IMG_0973_18_1.jpg (472kb)

Louvre at sunset (much more lovely from the outside, i found the art inside kind of dull)

IMG_0974_19_1.jpg (364kb)


IMG_0977_20_1.jpg (457kb)

Louvre from inside looking back through the triangle glass entrance sculpture

IMG_0985_21_1.jpg (569kb)

hmm, this must be trip #2 to the Eiffel tower, at night,with tripods - see the video below

IMG_0994_22_1.jpg (506kb)

img_0995.JPG (504kb)

the famous Shakespeare and Co. bookstore, taken for Uncle Don :)

IMG_1026_23_1.jpg (359kb)

this was trip #3 to the Eiffel tower, this time we took the boat tour down the Seine

IMG_1027_24_1.jpg (368kb)

more pics from the boat tour

IMG_1029_25_1.jpg (511kb)

our last evening, cool light on the buildings, had our best beef dinner here

IMG_1033_26_1.jpg (431kb)

IMG_1034_27_1.jpg (717kb)

street vendors sell all kinds of stuff like this; picture taken by holding the camera at my waist and clicking so as to not draw attention to myself

IMG_1035_28_1.jpg (832kb)

same vendor's display, wider angle

IMG_1036_29_1.jpg (309kb)
IMG_1038_30_1.jpg (428kb) IMG_1045_31_1.jpg (375kb)

IMG_1049_32_1.jpg (377kb)

the view at night

img_1050.JPG (420kb)

we rode the metro to the most scary part of town, took 5 pictures, then left quickly!


eiffel tower twinkling

U2 concert in Montreal